Residential Tesla Home Charging

Home Charging is essential for all electric vehicle owners. As part of our ongoing commitment to incorporate progressive new technologies into our service offerings, Green Box Mechanical is proud to be one of the select few certified Tesla partners in the greater Portland area.

As independent Tesla-certified electricians, Green Box technicians are trained to install all components of the Home Charging system, including the Wall Connector and any service panel upgrades required to run the equipment. We adhere to Tesla’s strict quality control and inspection requirements, standing by our work every step of the way.

Home Charging is used for all Tesla vehicle models including the Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Roadster.

Portland Oregon Tesla Energy Certified Installer
Tesla Energy Home Charger in Portland Oregon

Charging Types


Level one charging is the most basic form of Home Charging available. Used for properties with a 120-volt electrical system, this level is least expensive, but slowest charging. Generally, this charging option can be installed on all residential electrical panels.


Rapidly becoming the most popular charging system, level two charging is a fast-charging setup that requires a 200-amp+ rated electrical panel. Green Box technicians will determine if your existing grid can handle fast-charging, or if a panel upgrade is required. Level two charging is recommended for individuals who use electric vehicles for daily commuting, as it is the only system able to guarantee a full overnight charge.

Evr-Green e30 & e40 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Enable fast charging of any >SAE-1772 compatible electric vehicle. These new EV chargers deliver up to 9.6kW of power and offer a more compact, affordable, easy-to-use install solution to electric vehicle charging.

Evr-Green Mini

The Evr-Green Mini delivers nearly 5kW of power and offers a more compact alternative to the e30 and e40. This EV charger was designed to be the smallest wall mounted EV charging station available in North America and delivers a maximum of 20 electric vehicle miles per hour.

Other Electric Vehicle Models

Green Box Mechanical installs charging systems for other major EV brands, including:

  • BMW i8
  • Chevy Volt and Bolt
  • Fiat 500e
  • As well as many others
BMW Electric Vehicle Home Charging Installation in Portland Oregon
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Fiat Electric Vehicle Home Charging Installation in Portland Oregon