Every project is a show of respect.

Each of us has our own perception of plumbers, electricians and HVAC specialists. Green Box Mechanical is officially breaking from those clichés. In fact, we see our first and most important job as being good communicators. So no matter whether your project calls for electrical, EV charging stations, HVAC, plumbing or drain cleaning—or any combination thereof—we’ll work hard to validate and honor your faith in us, should you choose to hire us.

  • A Portland Plumbing Contractor Adjusting a Clogged Pipe with a Wrench

It seems most Portland homeowners genuinely dislike plumbing tasks, large and small. But when you search for plumbing services near me, please know our plumbing experts find great satisfaction in resolving any and every kind of plumbing challenge, especially new installations using smart products. Call on Green Box Mechanical to handle the likes of leaks, hot water heaters, sewer lines, pipes, and drain clogs. The same is true for major installations.

  • Portland HVAC Contractor Servicing HVAC System while taking a photo with smart phone

Successful heating and cooling projects have everything to do with your overall comfort and quality-of-life at home. Our team has expertise with installations, repairs, replacement, and HVAC maintenance of every type of system. Look to us for help with air conditioning service and installation, HVAC repair and replacement, furnace repair and installation, radiators, forced air systems, filtration systems, heat pumps and zonal controls.

  • Electrical contractor or technician examines electric equipment with screwdriver meter tester in fuse box in Portland Oregon

The very safety of your home, your children and your pets is in play when it comes to electrical work. The same is true for the basic functionality of everything inside. That’s why Portland-based electricians from Green Box Mechanical take particular care to perform installations, repairs, and maintenance tasks to the highest standards. When you search for electricians near me, keep in mind that we are adept with outlets and switches, light fixtures, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, ceiling fans, electrical panels, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and wiring.

  • Green Box Mechanical Jetter Trailer for unclogging pipes and cleaning pipes in Portland, Oregon

Green Box Mechanical offers a leading-edge solution for one of the oldest problems in the history of plumbing: the clogged drain. Instead of deploying harmful chemicals and cleaners, we recommend hydro-jetting with the Jetter system.

This is specialized, compact, energy-efficient equipment that delivers high-velocity water pressure through your pipes. The Jetter method gives your drain system a deep and thorough cleaning.