discolored wall outlet

Frequently Asked Electrical Questions

Of all the systems we have to deal with in our homes, our electrical system is perhaps the most perplexing. Portland is known for it’s beautiful old craftsman style homes that bring character to our city. They can also bring outdated electrical wiring and problems.  Anything from a lack of electrical outlets to  flickering or dim lights, malfunctioning light switches, or—unfortunately—electrical fires. At Green Box Mechanical  we’re here to make these confusing issues more clear and help you find solutions to all your home electrical problems!

Emergency room doctors treat over 4,000 individuals each year for injuries caused by faulty electrical outlets—don’t let anyone in your family fall victim to an electrical accident. Electrical fires and related injuries can be prevented by properly inspecting the outlet receptacles in your Portland. home. Green Box Mechanical has compiled a list of warning signs that signal an electrical problem is occurring behind your wall.

Keep your home safe by being aware of three common signals of burning around an electrical outlet. If you notice any of these signs , contact us immediately and our electrical team at Green Box Mechanical will help you repair faulty electrical outlets.

Discoloration of Wall Outlets:

If the wall appears to be discolored, this is the biggest warning sign that your electrical outlet  may be burning or improperly installed.  Our electrical team urges you to never attempt to use a discolored outlet. Please call us immediately and we will send one of our qualified electricians to inspect it for you.

Experience a Tingling Sensation When You Touch an Electrical Device:

If you ever plug in an electrical device, such as a toaster, or coffee maker, and you experience a tingling sensation when you touch the device, it is a sign of major electrical trouble. Our electrical team urges you to please not  ignore this sensation or to pass it off as a random occurrence. If you do not address this electrical problem, you could face a more serious injury later on. One of our expert electricians can investigate this problem for you, and begin the process of replacing your electrical outlet.

Burning Smell Coming From Outlet:

If  you notice a strong burning smell coming from your outlet, it is a clear sign that replacing your electrical outlet is an immediate priority. If you touch an outlet and it feels hot, this is also a sign of electrical trouble. The sound of sizzling or popping near an electrical outlet should also be taken very seriously. Your electrical outlets need to be inspected as soon as possible.

It’s easy for us to pass off these simple signs as minor issues that do not warrant any attention or inspection. However, it is incredibly important that you contact Green Box Mechanical immediately if you experience any of these signs of burning around an electrical outlet. We can repair or replace your outlets in time, ensuring your home is safe for you and your family.